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Just days after Chance the Rapper was hospitalized for pneumonia, all seems to be well. The result- a 5 track mixtape that goes as hard as anything released in the last year. No, it didn’t come from some up-and-coming rapper. Hamburger Helper commissioned a similar mixtape from students at McNally Smith College of Music. Only thing is, it's actually really well produced southern trap record. Words by Rohit S. Loomba (@poombster) While Ronald McDonald, Wendy Thomas, and Colonel Sanders have been sitting on a beach somewhere counting their cash, Lefty aka Hamburger Helper has been hard at work in the studio. 2016 brought Realistic media praise as he and rapper illWin co-produced the song “Crazy” which went on to be used as Hamburger Helper's mixtape: “Watch the Stove”. General Mills releases an actual mixtape. With Hamburger Helper releasing an extremely fun mixtape and the most popular Broadway musical in years being a hip-hop opera about Alexander Hamilton, it’s certainly a time for hip-hop/rap music from unlikely places!Hamburger Helper latched on a popular culture trend and by fully committing and collaborating with … Robert John Richardson (born December 22, 1992), better known by his stage name Bobby Raps, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. According to General Mills, 27 percent of households within the U.S. added Hamburger Helper … “Hamburger Helper” features an infectious hook that’ll have you singing along unashamedly, making you look like a fucking fool for yelling about burgers in public. It's "Watch the Stove," the shockingly good mixtape released by Hamburger Helper … As you might guess from the song titles — including “In Love with the Glove,” “Food for Your Soul,” and “Hamburger Helper… On April 1, Hamburger Helper—or more specifically, Lefty—dropped its debut mixtape, “Watch the Stove,” and it is fire. The fast-food giant followed in the footsteps of Hamburger Helper on Friday and actually released its own mixtape titled We Beefin’. The company released a new 5-song mixed tape on April Fool's Day called Watch the Stove. Hamburger Helper Mixtape-Brilliant Marketing Hamburger @ Helper Just Dropped A Mixtape And It's On Fire! Groovy Tony , koopz , … The music community saw evidence of this when he appeared on Hamburger Helper's Watch the Stove mixtape that went viral last year. What Hamburger Helper's rap mixtape tells us about the vast, volatile universe Friday, April 8, 2016 by Ryan Warner in Music The cover of Watch the Stove reveals a deep human truth ... or something. On April Fool’s Day, Hamburger Helper released “Watch the Stove, ... Rapper gets pulled over, offers cops mixtape instead of ID. That brand that makes the dinner-in-a-box your mom or dad turned to for last minute dinners as a kid. figured it was some wack ass rapper who really named himself Hamburger Helper.. decided to come in.. and all the songs are flames. He has been a member of Thestand4rd, Audio Perm, and Dequexatron X000. Hamburger Helper dropped a fire mixtape for April Fools’ Day 'Feed the Streets' is a banger. Maybe it will rival Hamburger Helper’s Watch The Stove mixtape. A little over a month ago, we pointed out that Lefty, the always-smiling glove that serves as Hamburger Helper’s mascot, had transformed into the epitome of a struggle rapper on Twitter, displaying all the tell-tale signs of a young MC eager to make his mark: stanning for Kanye, crowd-sourcing guest verses, and constantly claiming his mixtape … And he’s… Collaborating with a handful of rising stars from the Minneapolis hip-hop scene, the five-song collection makes Lefty sound like the Fetty Wap of food, featuring lyrics like “Hamburger Helper eat it all … He was featured in URB magazines Next 1000. An honest-to-god trap mixtape made by Hamburger Helper with a title inspired by Jay Z and Kanye West. As with 2016's Hamburger Helper mixtape , it is competently produced and executed, but it is also a rap mixtape from the persona of the Wendy’s mascot—“redhead with these pigtails / fast food’s first lady”—full of puns about beef and driving through and you get the picture. The 23-year-old Chicago rapper has been keeping himself busy since the release of his commercial mixtape Coloring Book . While fans all over the world are awaiting new music from Frank Ocean, Drake and Beyonce, a REAL legend has decided to drop new music today. The cover art features the Helper mascot, “Lefty,” a single white glove, with liquid gold streaming down its … On April Fool’s Day, Hamburger Helper released “Watch the Stove,” a silly joke take on Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne.” And now, it’s a viral success. He has released three studio albums & moved more than 15.000 units as one half of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, crew Bash Bros. Lefty has also released four volumes of his street album series Gangland. brehs.. i been avoiding this thread. The one owned by behemoth food manufacturer General Mills. The fast food chain's mixtape We Beefin? what the fukk. Watch The Stove is actually a mixtape released by Lefty, the Hamburger Helper mascot. It takes a shot at Meek Mill. Betty Crocker had introduced similar boxed meals in 1967, but those boxed dinners required the hamburger to be browned in one pan, while the noodles needed to be cooked in the other. Hamburger Helper released Watch the Stove on Soundcloud two years ago. Yes, that Hamburger Helper. It looks like the hottest rapper on the scene right now, is Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty. #WATCHTHESTOVE @HELPER Produced by DEQUEXATRON X000 (Bobby Raps and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip) The title is a mocking of Jay-Z and Kanye West's album Watch The Throne. Hamburger Helper Releases New Mixtape And It’s Actually Good. You know. Today’s hottest mixtape was dropped by… Hamburger Helper. It's the hottest album of 2016. Toki Wright and students from St. Paul’s McNally Smith College of Music have created a hip-hop mixtape called Watch the Stove, featuring contributions from Bobby Raps (thestand4rd) and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip. is an American rapper, born Paulski DeL. 2016 is proving to be the most eventful year to date!. It's a good mixtape. Hamburger Helper allowed home cooks to prepare dinner with ease, throwing it all in one pan, and it instantly caught on. Lefty also known as the L.E.F.T. "I feel like if I don’t make a Chance the Rapper mixtape, like double mixtape, a bunch of 14-year-olds are gonna kick my ass," Glover said at the Emmys. The hottest new rapper on the scene is not a person at all, but rather comes in the form of Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty, who released a five-song mixtape Friday (April 1) called Watch the Stove, a parody of Jay Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne. On April Fools, Hamburger Helper dropped a 5-track mixtape called "Watch the Stove," that everyone thought was pretty funny. It’s shameless and unnecessary, but admittedly entertaining. And it's about a processed food product. In the tracks that follow, “Crazy” features a pretty whack rapper who can’t really stay on beat. On April 1, 2016, “Watch the Stove” was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the country. As an April Fool's Prank, the company wanted to give Lefty some real beef.

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